Tuesday, March 22, 2005

We need an army of guerrilla sex-ed teachers

It seems that virginity pledges are not working out the way their proponents had hoped. According to a recently published study, "pledgers" have the same rate of STDs as their non-pledging peers, they are less likely to use protection when they have sex, they are less likely to go to the doctor and get treated for the infections they do get, and they are very likely to replace vaginal intercourse with other kinds of sex that are also risky. For example: male "pledgers" are 4 times more likely than their non-pledging peers to be having anal sex. Which is fine, I hope they have a great time, but I sure as hell hope they're using those condoms nobody has taught them how to use!

This is all a very funny joke on the uptight Christians until I remember how much funding the US federal government is putting into this kind of program, and how much they're NOT funding actual sex education. How many kids are going to get HIV while "saving their virginity for marriage" before we get the idea that kids need real information?

Meanwhile, I have a co-worker who teaches teenage girls in jails about how to not get HIV. And she tells me that said teenage girls have some pretty interesting ideas about how bodies work. Recently the girls in her class told her that (as everyone knows, they said) "booty sex will give you more junk in the trunk in 4 days and a wake-up." Translation: if you have anal sex, you will have bigger, sexier butt-cheeks by the morning of the fifth day afterward. They had trouble believing her when she told them it wasn't so.


At 4/03/2007 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work and the xians have made people all embarassed over something so natural, it is sad for many will never wake up.Why the Christian Churches
Other RHP Religions Supress Sexuality

The Christian Church has done everything in its power to suppress and control sexuality- the life/creative force that liberates the kundalini and is a direct threat to their agenda for enslaving humanity. This power source available to the common people, had to be shut down in any and every way possible. Kundalini liberates the soul and also opens up the psyche. The xian church has done everything in its power to keep us from communicating with beings such as Satan and his Demons, and deliberately cut us all off from any knowledge and power. This keeps us all in the dark, and cut us off from our True Creator God.

The sexual suppression creates an imbalance in the base and second chakras which bleeds over into the emotional level (chakra) this extends to the next chakra and from here, we have a further imbalance, creating fear and guilt, and other emotional and psychological disorders. Because of the cut-off, there is no outlet and humanity degenerates spiritually from generation to generation. Each generation has been indoctrinated and conditioned to view sexuality in the Judeo/Christian/Muslim way. Those of us who are completely free from this influence are few. Sexuality= Life, liberation and spiritual advancement. The Church knows this and has denied the general population this knowledge for centuries.

Now, when I mention "the Church" I am referring to those on top, not the average pedophile priest or minister. The Catholic priesthood is a prime example of the level of indoctrination, ignorance, and stupidity all the way down the line- blind obedience. The child raping and molestations are chief illustrations of what occurs when one consciously suppresses the powerful sex drive, which is the life force, itself.

Because of the suppression of this knowledge, humanity is operating at 1/5th-1/10th of the total potential. The energy centers remain closed and dormant, cutting the world off from other dimensions, blocking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential, in order to keep power in the hands of a "chosen" few.

All of this is the use of black magick at the top levels that has been handed down through the centuries. The new age movement teaches helplessness and a taboo on the black arts to ensure this power only remains in the hands of a few as they can no longer suppress the knowledge of it in today's climate of communication- again, fear is used. The new agers who dabble in magick are also imbalanced. The Ancient Egyptians knew that to be adept, one must be versed in both the white and black aspects of magick. Black magick is suppressed and controlled by the few in power at the top who make liberal use of it. The average person is not only ignorant to this fact, but helpless against it.

The denigration and exclusion of women in RHP religions is also for a specific purpose. As Thoth stated, everything comes in two's for balance and harmony. Two is the creative force. The female energy within us all includes the subconscious and the psyche. The female aspect connects us to the higher dimensions of the mind in balance to the male logical side of the brain. The two ideally, should work together in harmony.

Suppressing this female energy is fundamental to the enemy agenda. Once this feminine energy is suppressed, the intuition and higher consciousness are switched off and become dominated by the lower consciousness. The chakras below the heart, which is the switch off point and connector of the seven chakras, remain disconnected and a serious imbalance results. The Church and its controlling cohorts are well aware of the imbalance that occurs when this female energy is cut off. The chakras all work together.

Exposing Christianity

I can see you are going to go places.

Goog Luck on your Journey,


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